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Club Resources

These resources are helpful to all involved in our club. We follow WDABA and Basketball Victorian policies and procedures. More info can be found on their websites. 


Child Safety 

The Neerim District Junior Basketball Club is striving to lead when it comes to child safety. Our club, along with all other WDABA clubs, follow the Basketball Victoria child safety policy which is enforced at all training, games and social events hosted by the association or our club. 

The Warragul Basketball's Child Safety Officer is Kevin McLaren, a former police officer and former coach at the Neerim Wolves. He is a referee and can be contacted via phone or in person at any facility in the competition.

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Playing Conditions

The Warragul Domestic competition runs under Basketball Victoria FIBA rules with modifications implemented by the association to help benefit developing players of all ages. All association rules and info are found on the playing conditions which are regularly updated to assist in the development of our players. 

WDABA Playing Conditions

Coaches Handbook

The Neerim Wolves coaching handbook is a helpful resource for our current coaches as well as anyone who is interested in coaching a team. The season 2023 / 24 handbook is being constructed and will be available in the coming weeks. 


PlayHQ is the system used by Basketball Victoria for all registrations and match scheduling. You can find upcoming programmes as well as results from all of our teams.

Committee Contacts

General Enquiries & Registrations

Secretary / Treasurer

Mary Patrickson - 0418 120 613

Aussie Hoops and Under 8's

Sarah Welch - 0438 062 842 



Will Ladds - 0499 777 544


Janelle Meyer - 0490 801 960

Child Safety

Vacant Position - TBC for Summer 2023 / 24

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